Rumor: PSN Down Due to Credit Card Scam

A post over on Reddit may have spilled the truth on that “external intrusion” that is sending the PSN outage into a seventh day.

A mod over at believes the result is a custom firmware known as Redbug. The short of it? This turns a PS3 into a loose development kit, and through this, a bunch of people found another exploit that in turn let them download PSN content at will with bogus credit card numbers. In other words, they were downloading games at will, and for free, completely unchecked, using credit cards that didn’t exist.

It didn’t take long for Sony to respond, but it’s how they did it that has some wondering if this was the case. Nonetheless, it has caused loads of grief during a holiday weekend when many probably had some extra game time to check out some new Sony efforts like SOCOM 4. Plus, Capcom titles remain unplayable due to their included DRM. Sony claims to be working around the clock to find a fix (i.e., fix the leak of free content), and surely many PS3 owners remain ever watchful (and this will surely be an infamous error code once this is all said and done) for that successful log-in to appear.