Nintendo Makes Wii Follow-up Official, Details at E3

This years E3 will be an exciting one, as new home hardware is revealed for the first time in well… far too long. Nintendo has made it official that they will be revealing a Wii successor sometime in 2012, the announcement coming in response to another quarterly profit shortfall.

Speculation has been flying for a week or two now, rumors of LCD touchscreen controllers, images of potentially fake mock-ups, and more. The only concrete proof of anything comes from the mouth of Satoru Iwata, who revealed to Reuters that Nintendo wants to, “propose a new approach to home video game consoles.” However, he does note that it has nothing to do with 3D because, “3-D televisions haven’t obtained wide acceptance yet.” He’s got a point there.

What could that new approach be? Since Iwata speaks specifically about the hardware, that doesn’t necessarily mean the controller is something new, but something never before seen in the hardware itself. Maybe a Nintendo console without Friend Codes? Thoughts?