Week in Arcade: Nin2-Jump, Trouble Witches, Outland

Three games this week for a grand total of $25, and one is going all to charity.


This one comes from shooter-crazed Cave, and all proceeds (until June 30th) from the title will go directly to Japan Disaster Relief.  It’s a platformer with a great sense of style and puzzle solving mechanics, energetic to the extreme too. You’re actually controlling a simple rod puppet during a stage show, an ingenious way to not only save on animation, but keep costs down and make something that is still compelling. There’s a constant need for pacing, and with 50 levels, there’s plenty to keep you busy, including a time attack. It’s for charity, so get it already for only $5.

Trouble Witches Neo

Fantastic SHMUP from SNK/Playmore, loaded with a pleasing atmosphere, intense bullet hell gameplay, and a glorious sprite/polygon world. The sugary coated color is brilliant and the smooth controls are spot on. Xbox 360 Arrange and standard play are available, plus co-op of course. It’s a darling SHMUP, a change of pace from the usual gritter and off-the-wall stuff that gets released over here (although there’s nothing wrong with that either). Well worth a $10 purchase for genre fans once a glitch is fixed that is currently preventing purchase.


Taking a bit from Limbo with its dark visuals, a piece from Ikaruga with its color-swapping fighting, and some aggressive platforming from… well, a lot of stuff, this is a fun little genre mix-up. It’s fast though, maybe too much so for its own good, flipping between platforms feeling a little too loose and unforgiving at times. Combat is tight and well rounded, and the visual style, while not completely fresh, is appealing. Add in some multiplayer aspects and it’s a nice package from the same team who did Super Stardust HD on PSN. Fun, if flawed adventure for $10.