Sony Says Credit Card Data Encrypted, Sources Say Otherwise

Gamers are still reeling and collecting themselves after learning their PSN data had been compromised after hackers forced Sony to take the network. Information from the company was cryptic though, Sony unsure of whether or not credit card data was actually retrieved. The truth of the matter is… well, it depends who you believe.

ABC News Australia reports that Rory Spreckley is the first to become a victim of fraud from this incident, $2000 worth of charges showing up on his report that he claims were not his. That could be a case of PSN-based fraud as the card was attached to his account, or oddball timing as the theft occurred around the same time. With an incredible 77 million people on the network, finding one or even 100 people who become victims during this time would not be unheard of  just out of chance.

PSX-Scene shares details on a slightly larger scale, claiming that 2.2 million European PSN users are having their data (credit cards included) shuffled around underground sites for a fee.

On the other side, Sony has stated that credit card data was encrypted and they have, “… no evidence credit card data was taken.” This a rough period for both users and Sony, the conflicting information doing nothing to ease the worry as the company tries to get back on track.