TERA Korea to Get Major Update in May


New dragon mount (?) featured in TERA's Dark Awakening trailer

Those who have been following maiden developer Bluehole Studio and their upcoming action MMORPG TERA know well how impressive the visuals and gameplay are. However, players of the Korean version, which went live earlier this year, have noted a disappointing lack of end-game content, story and cosmetic/customization options, and other issues which weakens the game as a whole. Bluehole has been listening carefully to player feedback and revealed in a recent press conference the future of TERA, with major updates coming as soon as May.

According to a translation from fansite TERAFans, the conference detailed Bluehole Studio’s 2011-2012 schedule of updates. The developer is working on server-versus-server content, improving PvP and strengthening the political power Kings (Archons), adding guild wars, and new battlegrounds among many other things. Early 2012 will see the addition of an entire continent, and the inclusion of a brand-new playable class.

The earliest of these improvements to TERA comes in the form of the “Beast of Destruction patch, scheduled for May. Three new zones will be added to the game, the Aman city of Kaiator will be opened to players, 4 more dungeons will be added, and the level cap will be raised to 58. Also, due of complaints about the game’s weak (nonexistent) customization options, the new patch will also include gear dyes, a gear re-skin option, and special weapon effects (glowing).

Due to the difficulty of certain dungeons, Bluehole will be including an easier “normal” mode. End-game dungeons, like “Akasha Lair,” are a serious challenge for players to overcome. The current difficulty is now “Expert Mode,” and the new normal ¬†difficulty will ease the challenge for players.

Following the “Beast of Destruction” patch, the combo system will be tweaked to allow players to create their own combos. Lock-on skills will allow players to see-through mobs to target allies and lastly, Warriors will be given a DPS role (yes, despite the fact that they look like assassin/rogues, Warriors are actually a Tank class).

Soon after the press conference, Bluehole Studio released its newest TERA trailer, “Dark Awakening,” as well as a flash-heavy teaser website devoted the upcoming patch. The trailer details in cinematic fashion much of what Bluehole revealed in the press conference: more story, new locations and cities, alliances and mass PvP, new monsters, what could possibly be an aerial mount (wyvern), and more. Watch out the trailer below. Also, check out the image gallery below, which features a few select images from TERA’s Dark Awakening teaser site.

TERA’s teaser site screenshot gallery:


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