Week in Arcade: Bangai-O, Moon Diver

Have $25 to spend? This weeks Live Arcade selection gives you a chance to blow it on digital content.

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

An update to what was originally a Dreamcast title (then other hardware, including the DS), this at times brutal dual analog shooter is beautiful in motion if sometimes bland to play. The screen is always a flurry of missiles, bullets, and even enemies if you can see them. It requires some finesse and agility to progress, something score fanatics will enjoy. Others will find the repetitious patterns somewhat mundane. Bangai-O is not Treasure’s best work, yet the one they always seem to go back to. Then again, looking at the Treasure resume, saying it’s not their best work is actually saying something positive simply because of who they are.

Moon Diver

Brought over from PSN (assuming you could ever download it – zing!), this Square/Enix 2D platformer comes from the mind of Strider’s creator, Kouichi Yotsu. The idea is much the same, running to the side, slashing adversaries as they stand in you way. The game has pacing issues though, rooms where the player (or players) is stuck on a single screen battling waves. These lack the intensity and stop the game cold. Some will find the leveling up addictive enough, along with finding magic and slashing with friends, but Moon Diver’s somewhat disjointed design is a bit of a disappointment (even if the core gameplay is still fun).