PSN Outage: Third-Party’s Angry, Free Identity Protection, Services Back May 31st

Sony’s continuing woes over their network attack/outage are beginning to sting some of their third party contributors. Capcom’s senior VP Christian “Sven” Svensson responded to an inquiry on Capcom Unity forums was quite frank when he stated that the company could be out, “hundreds of thousands, if not millions” in sales. Of course, that’s not including the “thousands” of hours players of their DRM’ed PSN titles are out, but that’s another topic. This week also sees the launch of the multiplayer-centric Brink from Splash Damage, which will be rendered almost useless for PS3 players.

Sony isn’t just dealing with angry developers though, as they have customers looking for some answers too. The current plan is to have all services live by May 31st, this coming after a partial reboot was set for last week when that plan collapsed for additional testing. In the meantime, Sony is offering free identity theft protection from Debix for one year to its US customers. They’re trying to find a solution for users in other countries, but in the meantime if you’re in the US and worried, that’s a promo you want to take advantage of.