COD: Black Ops “First Strike” $15 Map Pack Sells 1.4 Million in One Day

In a sad state of industry affairs, Activision has milked Call of Duty players out of $21 million in ONE DAY for a map pack. Four maps and a zombie stage. $15. Seriously.

And that’s only on the 360. PSN players, well, they have a wait ahead of them.

It’s a sign of things to come thanks to this pricing scheme, players now fawning over maps, even spending enough to turn an expansion pack of four maps into a full advertising campaign from Activision.

How did we get here? Maps and/or simple expansions used to be free, a thank you to the purchaser. Now, they $15, and combined with other maps, almost the price of the full game. Oh, but you’re thinking, “I play a lot, so it’s value.” Do you pay more for a three hour movie than a 90-minute movie? Is a five hour game more than a 40 hour game? Time is irrelevant. Do you pay more for a Halo map pack then a COD map pack? … Oh wait, you do.

Credit is due to the hard work developers put into these maps, far more complex in modern times considering all the angles and general complexity in a first-person map as compared to yesteryear. They don’t deserve the brunt of the complaints. Modern maps should cost something. At $15 though, you’re simply being taken advantage of, and sadly, there are 1.4 million of you who couldn’t wait long enough to find that out.