En Masse Gives Fans a TERA E3 2011 Preview


Fiery Sabertooth

Sabertooth and a Castanic Sorceress (TERA, En Masse)

TERA, the upcoming action MMORPG from Korean developer Bluehole Studio, will be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year. North American publisher En Masse Entertainment has revealed a small preview of what TERA has to offer this time around. Aside from a completely redesigned booth, En Masse promises a fully playable demo, a unique press-only demo and more.

En Masse showcased a unique press demo of Mistmoor Island at E3 last year, which introduced the media to TERA‘s unique aiming and reaction-based combat system. At E3 2011, En Masse will have over a dozen demo kiosks between Atari‘s booth and their own. For those not in the know, Atari is the exclusive North American distributor of TERA. This year’s demo will take place in the Pora Elinu region, a higher-level area than what was shown at E3 2010. It goes without saying that a higher-level area will feature higher-level content.

Details about the exclusive press demo have yet to be revealed, but En Masse promises something big. (Here’s to hoping some of the new Korean patch content has made its way into the demo). Those who are not with the press (or simply cannot attend E3) need not fear being left in the dark; much like last year, En Masse will prepare a broadcast version of the demo a week after the event.

Lastly, Senior Producer Brian Knox will hold a live Q&A session via Twitter, as En Masse did last year. On Wednesday, June 8th, starting at 3 PM Pacific Time, fans who follow TERA on Twitter (@TERAonline) can ask Knox their questions about the game. In case you happen to miss the Twitter-chatter, a transcript will be posted on the official TERA website following the event.


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