Deathsmiles 2X Digital Version US Only

Cave made a surprise move when the decided to bring Deathsmiles 2X over to the US audience, made even more surprising since it was the first game to be exclusive to the Games on Demand service. While the untranslated SHMUP may be digital only, only US gamers are enjoying the polygonal quirkiness of this genre piece.

As it turns out, the game cannot be downloaded by Canadian or Mexico residents, this despite the announcement that stated North America, not just the ‘States. Microsoft’s response to Joystiq’s inquiry?

“We’re always listening to community feedback and work closely with our partners to determine the best approach for releasing games in other regions, but have no additional details to share at this time.”

So, then most gamers are screwed, and this whole experiment is a bust? Cave states they are “coordinating” with Microsoft. It’s one thing when you need to have a game translated into multiple languages for multiple regions, plus the influx of additional packaging costs. This is a completely untranslated SHMUP, and there’s no packaging. Why the artificial boundaries?