Killzone 3, Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Double XP Right Now

Sony’s “Welcome Back” program seems to reaching to gamers with more that just free content. Players who indulge in their first matches of Killzone 3 this weekend until Monday, May 23rd at 3AM, will be gifted with double XP. Not a bad way to pull players back in, and Treyarch is sharing the wealth as well. Black Ops players are being given the same treatment since double XP weekends occurred while the network was done on other hardware.

Sony’s post over on the PlayStation Blog states that there’s “even more” on the way, although those specifics have not yet been revealed. Exclusive guns? Discounted or even free map packs? Let the imagination run wild.

Also, if you’re still into slaughtering the Helghast with all of your weapon superiority, Killzone Liberation on the PSP will be a freebie once the store comes back up, possibly this week.