Major Korean Patch to be Included in Western TERA Release

Unicorn enemy taking on an Amani female in TERA

The Korean version of Bluehole Studio’s action-MMORPG TERA is currently implementing the Dark Awakening update. This patch includes new enemies, additional story scenes, improved animations and abilities, new dungeons and zones, new customization options and more. North American publisher En Masse Entertainment has neither confirmed nor denied whether this patch would be ready by the time TERA goes live in the region. However, TERA‘s European publisher Frogster has stated during anĀ event earlier this month that the game will indeed have this patch upon release.

As part of the presentation Frogster put together on May 5th in Berlin, the the publisher touched on the reasons why TERA has not yet gone live in Europe and North America. They stated that, because each region has different cultures and play-styles, certain game mechanics need tweaking in addition to the localization efforts taking place. These efforts require time, but Frogster assured attendees that the localization delays came with some good news. The content of the Korean Dark Awakening update will be included within the release content of the European version of TERA.

While this not an official statement from En Masse regarding the content, En Masse has assured TERA fans in the past that both the North American version and European versions will contain the same content and follow the same update schedule. TERA is expected to launch at the same time for both regions, later this year. Also, in an interview with, Community Director Jason Mical states that, “Frogster will publish the Westernized version of the game created by En Masse Entertainment.” This suggests that, if the Dark Awakening patch will be included with the European release of TERA, North America will get it on release as well.

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