Section 8: Prejudice Patched Up, Map Pack Now, Double XP Soon

TimeGate Studios have been consistent with their support for the excellent downloadable FPS Section 8 sequel, now gearing up for a grand weekend. A patch has gone live for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, fixing a variety of crashes and stability problems. Players can take advantage of the newly retooled title with a fresh double XP weekend beginning this weekend on June 3rd, 1AM EST time. You can continue to rack up points until Monday at 1AM.

If you’re tired of battling on the same maps, you can download a new map pack as well, the $4 (XBL) or $4.49 (PC) maps live right now. The price discrepancy is a bit odd, but at least it’s only dual quarters and not $5. The two maps make up the Overdrive add-on.