Welcome Back PSN Content is Live

Hey you, PS3 (or PSP) owner! Want some free games? Then why are you reading this?

The Welcome Back program is now officially live, allowing the download of two specially selected PS3 games and two PSP titles. There’s also a free month of PlayStation Plus if you’re willing to put your credit card info back on PSN, and pixelated wallpaper for your viewing pleasure. All you’ll need to do is log in, head to the PS Store, and click on the top section which is pretty clear, labeled “Welcome Back.”

You have some time, which is a good thing since the servers are currently jammed beyond all recognition. The promotion goes offline July 3rd. This promo has the same rules and regulations for European users as well, and the promo is now live for you too. Sign on, get your Infamous, Dead Nation, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, or Super Stardust on, and enjoy now that things are back to normal, and hopefully for good.