E3 2011: Nintendo Announces Wii U, 3DS First Party Backing

Nintendo announced confusion today… err, the Wii U at their annual E3 presser, a successor to the Wii itself. Through a series of boneheaded word choices and odd focus on the controller itself, Nintendo didn’t make it initially clear if this was new hardware or a new Wii Controller. It’s a console, for the record (that’s it above), pushing 1080p visuals which can then be transferred to the six-inch touch screen on the controller for continued play. However, it’s not portable, and must be within a certain range of the console. Wii U is set for 2012, and no pricing has been set. How much does a controller with a touch screen cost exactly?

Elsewhere, Zelda was in full effect thanks the 25th Anniversary, a new Zelda game coming for each of Nintendo’s consoles this year as a result. The 3DS proved to be a strong contender as well, with powerful first party support in the form of Mario Kart, a Luigi’s Mansion sequel, Mario platformer, and an unseen (but announced) Smash Bros.