Wii U Controller: One Per System

It’s an odd thought, but the Wii U controller, affectionately dubbed the “WiiPad,” is a loner. In other words, it’s a solo outing where one player gets a shiny six-inch touch screen with analog sticks, and other will potentially being using the WiiMote.

For a multiple child household, it spells disaster. For a multiple-adult household where the adults act like children, it’s even worse. It’s certainly technologically straining to send a stream of data wirelessly to the WiiPad from the unit itself, but all of sudden, without a second tethered controller, all sorts of multiplayer possibilities are simply gone. Instead, you’re simply playing a Wii with fancier visuals. Advantages are introduced when someone has precise analog sticks versus someone with pointer controls, and gameplay differences become lost in the shuffle.

There are even more rumors circulating that Nintendo won’t even be selling the WiiPads separately, turning the hardware that was a mystery to most during the show into an utterly baffling anomaly.