Reddit Community Retaliates Against Battlefield 3 Retailer DLC

It seems the war against retailer-exclusive DLC may be coming to a head as EA announced specific gun attachments will be a pre-order exclusive in the latest Battlefield entry. Reddit, it seems, has had enough. The Karkland expansion, available only in the limited edition of Battlefield 3, includes a specific light machine gun, suppressor, and flechette ammo. Obviously, ammunition with increased kick and a means to conceal yourself while shooting it creates unbalanced play. Also, the maps in this pre-release expansion of sorts (a statement that makes it sound as ridiculous as it is) further locks out a portion of the community, creating a have/have nots situation.

The decision is coming from EA, not developer Dice, the latter typically one of the most consumer friendly. EA tried something similar with Battlefield: Bad Company, the community revolt back in 2008 enough to make the company reverse their decision. Unlike a certain “dedicated server boycott” for a certain other “warfare” title that went nowhere, if EA sticks to their guns (pun intended), we’ll see if only a few wallets stay closed come launch.