Week in Arcade: Adventures of Shuggy, Magic the Gathering 2012

After a two week hiatus, the Live Arcade has returned with $20 worth of digital goodies.

Adventures of Shuggy

This classicly inspired single screen platformer has the kooky title character rummaging through rooms in search of his inheritance. Unfortunately, said inheritance is being covered with spiders, his own time traveling self, and ghosts. Shuggy can spin the room, swing from a rope, use time travel, and additional abilities to grab every last gem from 100 rooms, plus more in multiplayer (versus or co-op). It’s a fun romp is priced rather extravagantly, the Indie Games Channel offering a number of similar experiences and usually for a dollar. Fun, but not that fun.

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers 2012

Who knew Magic would see yearly updates in the vein of sports titles? This 2012 edition looks better, plays better, and the AI actually thinks. Players not in tune with the card game probably won’t find anything here to change their minds, and it’s still a hurdle to overcome if you don’t play with some regularity. For fans, you still can’t build your own deck, but you are able to customize the 10 available ones. That’s progress.