The PlayStation 3/Infamous 2 Saga of Error Code 8002291A

All I wanted to do was play Infamous 2. That’s not asking for much. After a long week and weekend, it would have nice to plow through the adventures of Cole MacGrath in a couple of days before the new week creeped in. Oh, if only it were so easy.

As is the rather irritating norm, Infamous 2 requires an update right out of the gate, 107MB or some such. I leave the room while it does its thing, and come back to error 8002291A, “Registration for trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit.” Um, okay. Restart, and this time, there’s not even a chance for an install. Next step? Google, what else?

It turns out it’s common, but the issue within seems varied. No one seems to be sure what it is, but many of the forum posts point back to the famous leap year clock glitch that sent PS3’s into a tizzy a few years ago. Others are more recent. So, time for Sony support to kick in.

The first person I get is a helpful woman, detailing some basic troubleshooting like deleting the update data, trying to play offline, and even doing a hard drive clean-up. Sometimes I would actually make it to the install screen of Infamous 2, but it would freeze. Oh so close.

She decides after nearly 45-minutes of options that it’s time to delete the user due to corrupted data. That means backing up 200+ save files, some of which cannot be saved to a memory stick because that would be convenient. God forbid if Sony allows us to do what we want with our own saves (to be fair, Microsoft does the same on the 360). But, there’s some solace in that everything can be uploaded to the Cloud via PlayStation Plus, and we’re in that free trial period, so that’s something I guess, even if it will take longer and you cannot actually access those saves for 24 hours.

For an hour or so I go through the arduous task of uploading saves one-by-one, mostly because being able to put them into a singular folder and send them up to the virtual sky would obviously make sense. I was given a reference number from support so I didn’t hold up the line too long, calling back when I was done. This time, it was a guy who was confused, mostly because Tech #1 didn’t write anything down, or as he put it, “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Off I go explaining yet again what the problem is, at least four or five times, and telling him what we tried before. He actually Googles the error because there is no information on it in their system (or on their support website for that matter), and we decide it’s time to recover the User ID on the console. Going through that process over the phone and then booting up Infamous again showed progress. It updated. However, it was close to closing time and I let the support guy go.

Yeah, it was a mistake.

It crashed again, same error and everything. It’s late and worth forgetting at this point, so I chose to call the next day. This time, the guy looks at a file which is actually correctly lined with information, and the only option left is a total HDD wipe and re-install. It’s a corrupt file, nothing can be done. It’s understandable I guess, certainly not his fault, but yet it’s only happening with Infamous 2, none of the other games I own. Odd, no? So, I try a few more times, and… it works. It honestly worked. It installed, I played for four hours, and and not a single hiccup. There are no guarantees for the next day mind you, but at least after two and half hours on the phone and another hour or so transferring save files, something came out of it.

Moral of the story? Don’t panic when you see error code 8002291A. Take The Flintstones approach of brute force, and if that still doesn’t work, wipe the drive and start over.