Week in Arcade: Trenched, Lucha Fury

Dueling titles this week, commanding $25 if you’re so inclined to get both.


Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Studios returns with this third-person, WWI mech shooter/tower defense title. Brief flashes of the brilliant Chromehounds here as you swap out weapons and customize your pilot against some unique, varied enemy types. Mechanics are smooth and design aesthetics are great. Local and online co-op make it even better. With three straight success stories in the realm of digital, maybe Double Fine has found a niche they didn’t expect. Absolute steal at $15.

Lucha Fury

Take a bunch of Lucha Libre pro wrestlers and toss them into a beat-em-up. You get Lucha Fury. Sadly, while Lucha Libre insinuates fast paced, high-flying action in the ring, here is translates to sluggish controls, laborious pacing, and so-so collision. Even with friends, it has none of the freshness carried by say, Castle Crashers and the visual appeal of a Scott Pilgrim is missing too despite the colorful, cartoonish nature. High hopes for this one, but there are far too many beat-em-ups on the service to spend too much time with this one. For die-hard genre fans only at $10.