Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Has Permanent Save File

Capcom has been treading water lately with regards to their fight against piracy and used games, in the process destroying a little bit of consumer confidence. Capcom PSN and PC titles require constant online authentication, DLC is startlingly common, and now Resident Evil: Mercenaries features a permanent save file. In other words, should you rent or (god forbid) purchase a used copy, the person before you who thought it was funny to insert an expletive as their name for the high score table has permanently tainted the cart.

It should be noted that Mercenaries is just a glorified score rush/multiplayer bash. At its worst, you’ll simply be stuck looking at someone’s high score on a leaderboard. For the competitive type who pick up a cart though and can’t beat that random stranger, it will eat away at them for years. Plus, it’s just a launching pad for whatever else they have planned for the future, and supporting it only says that you’re okay with it.