Call of Duty XP a Celebration of all Things Call of Duty

Warcraft has Blizzcon, so why shouldn’t the dominating console shooter Call of Duty have it’s own live event?

Microsoft is sponsoring the two-day Call of Duty XP event which takes place in the early portion of September, the 2nd and 3rd. Tickets (6,000 of ’em) for the event go on sale on July 19th for $150. What does that buy you? Well, all sorts of Call of Duty stuff.

There’s a multiplayer tournament worth a million dollars to the winner, keynotes, press events, interaction with the developers, chance to play paintball in recreated maps, and a sneak peek at Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. It’s all happening in Los Angeles, and before you gripe about the franchise, this is a charity event. It’s led to something positive at least.