Trenched Delayed in Europe, a Definite Loss

Double Fine’s XBLA Trenched has been delayed in Europe over a copyright scuffle. A Portugese man named Rui AlĂ­pio Monteiro filed for the rights to the name for board and video games back in 2007. It will either take a settlement on the part of Double Fine (or Microsoft) or a name change before the release can happen.

And, not to rub salt in the wound for Europeans, but Trenched is a small miracle, something the demo doesn’t really do justice. Those that mourned the loss of Chromehounds can take some solace in this mech-like, customization heavy, tower defense shooter. No, it’s not the same per se, but a sliver of what made the Sega/From Software gem such a joy. Trenched is all co-op, no versus, as you scramble with up to four players to defend turf, shoot rather brilliantly designed electronic creatures, and earn cash for more guns… huge, massive guns.

It’s that rare game with a hook that begins pouring endorphins into your brain if only to see what you’ll unlock next. Customizing doesn’t have the depth of Chromehounds, but it has the soul. Hell, weapons even look like they’ve been plucked from that early Xbox Live classic. In a perfect world, Trenched could be some sort of prequel, the game set in an alternate WWI, the beginning of the futuristic mech tech found elsewhere. At least, that’s what I’m going with.