Resistance 3 First in Sony’s Online Pass Program

Sony has now jumped on the Online Pass bandwagon, confirming that their third entry in the popular alternate timeline shooter Resistance series will have an online pass.

Sony states the program will be “game specific,” obviously meaning that not all first-party games will feature such a used/rental surcharge, although certainly it’s a safe bet those with heavy online components will.

An absurd little bit of PR came from the highest realms of Sony’s marketing spin section, claiming this “important program” will, “accelerate our commitment to enhancing premium online services across our first party game portfolio.” So, what does PS Plus do, the $50 a year subscription service? And, doesn’t the $60 paid for the initial game sort of do that? And (there’s a lot of “ands” here), why do used buyers foot the bill even if they not adding anymore to the server load than the new buyer?

The Project $10 is quickly becoming a disgrace and an embarrassment, a shameful act of anti-consumerism in an industry has been branded a $74 billion moneymaker. Good to know that’s still not enough for Sony to “make a commitment,” but instead pass the cost onto the consumer.