Week in Arcade: MLB, Dead Block, Deadliest Warrior

A trio of titles this week, each ready to snag $10 from your digital wallet.

MLB Bobblehead Pros

A translation of Konami’s successful Power Pros series, just with a new skin. It’s odd that these bobblehead players don’t have legs, especially considering, well, bobbleheads do. Regardless, this is a competent, cheap MLB title, certainly light years from that Stickball clunker 2K released a while back. Fielding is the problem here, the automatic switching of players disorienting and making those simply outs at first base an error haven. Batting is fine and pitching offers just enough finesse. Shame the fielding can’t hold up with it.

Dead Block

Sort of a zombie survival mini-game-a-thon, this odd mash-up isn’t all that appealing beyond the cheesy vintage TV aesthetic. Starring a construction worker, female cop, and that kid from Up, players scramble to break down objects in the environment to barricade windows or set traps for the lumbering dead. Controls get in the way, mostly because it’s not that comfortable to mash the triggers rapidly. Mini-games require some earlier timing than the meters indicate, and should the zombies get in, fighting them is bland, even in co-op.

Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Deadliest Warrior is back… because… um, someone liked the first one? Whatever the case, this ridiculous TV show has now made it to a sequel in the realm of games, the fighting just as sluggish and dull as it was before. New moves are added, the roster has been beefed up, etc. All of those little feature improvements are here for those who enough the typically brief, supposedly strategic battles. A new game mode called Generals adds a strategy element who like to think when they’re dismembering people. Two games, the appeal is still elusive.