Next NBA Jam Full Featured, Only $15

NBA Jam was a bit of a fiasco upon release, EA salvaging a decision to produce a $50 retail version as opposed to something downloadable. When sales flatlined, EA changed their turn, came up with a ridiculous answer as to why the retail version couldn’t be updated (updates would have taken away from the core development), and it now looking into the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN release.

That NBA Jam edition, a whole $35 cheaper than the initial retail version, will include necessary additions like tag mode. That allows solo players to control both superstars on the team, a feature that used to be necessary since the dawn of NBA Jam on consoles. Updated moves, being referred to as, “razzle dazzle,” spice up the gameplay further, and new AI hopefully doesn’t lean heavily on catching up.

No word on adding injuries yet to make the expanded rosters actually useful, but at this point, why not? EA certainly hauled in enough from those who bought the retail version new, even if it was at a discounted price.