Bungie Lets Go of Halo; Says Goodbye

August 2nd will mark the last official involvement for Bungie within the Halo franchise. That’s when they hand over the matchmaking and playlist tweaking to Microsoft and 343 Industries.

Post-Bungie Day, the studio issued their official goodbye to the series that not only made them, but the Xbox platform as a whole. It’s doubtful Microsoft would be the player they are were it not for the space guy in a green metal suit. Bungie promises new worlds, ideas, and new journeys, not to mention new platforms for them to explore.

Whatever they come up with or are (certainly) already planning, their send-off was certainly a raucous one, offering free steaks to anyone who actually beat them in multiplayer on Bungie Day. If their goodbye is the indicator, there are a lot of people who will be eating well soon.

Not many companies can claim to define not only a console, but a generation. Halo sort of stands as the Mario Bros. of its time period, changing an industry and introducing standards all shooters aim to match. Call of Duty may dominate the player charts, but it certainly wouldn’t without Master Chief and company. Bungie doesn’t owe us a goodbye, steaks, or even more Halo. They already gave all they had, and will the next time too. That’s all we can ask.