EA to Close 17 Online Servers

Apparently, when you acquire a casual game company for $750 million, you can’t afford servers anymore. Then again, if you can afford to spend that much in the first place, how much can a server cost in the scheme of things?

Anyway, EA is at it again, shutting down 17 servers, a couple of them for demos which is understandable. The rest? Not so much. Army of Two, both PS3 and Xbox 360, will no longer be playable online, a bombshell considering the game is so reliant on co-op. A Battlefield title is getting the axe too, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Dual PSP shooters will lose their online component, Medal of Honor Airborne and Heroes 2 will now forever be solo outings.

And, as usual, a number of sports titles will see themselves cut off from the outside world, including EA’s final NASCAR effort from 2009, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 across all hardware platforms on August 11th, Madden and NHL 10 to follow after that on October 1st. Even the first Skate and two Need for Speed’s, Undercover and Most Wanted, are not safe from this server slice.

There’s a full list of server shutdowns on EA’s announcement page, which now acts as a graveyard of experiences long past.