Indie Games Summer Uprising Titles Announced

A total of 10 games will be chosen to represent the sadly ignored Xbox Live Indie Games Channel for the Indie Games Summer Uprising. Eight of them will chosen by the developer collective, the other two by the community. Kicking off right after the Summer of Arcade on August 22nd and running through September 2nd, these 10 titles are looking sharp, and that can be stated for the one-on-one fighter Battle High San Bruno because we already played it. Actually, we interviewed the developer too.

Why is it being included then? Because they’re making it better. The new build will include balance fixes, visual update, full widescreen support, and mini-games. And it’s a $1.

The rest of the roster brings out the unique nature of the indie market, and their ingenuity in bringing back vintage game design. There’s a model train simulator called Train Frontier Express, platform beat-em-up in Raventhorne, and gory puzzle mayhem in Cute Things Dying Violently. The roster looks fantastic, and it’s a wise move to spread the financial love their way as opposed to more costumes or online passes. These guys actually worked hard for it.