Battlefield 3 Alpha Has Begun, Leaked Footage Appears

Do you enjoy shooting people? Okay, that read a little crudely. Do you like shooting people in the face? Damn, that’s not right either. Okay; here it is, “Do you like shooting people in the face with your friends?” That’ll have to do.

DICE recently began the closed Alpha stage of Battlefield 3 by sending out invites to those deemed worthy. Some lucky enough to receive said invites have already unleashed videos out to the public. The video below, among others, has sprung up around various points of the Internet.

From the clips, fans can find comfort in Battlefield 3’s current progress; it seems the graphics, gameplay, and sound design continues to impress. Multiplayer seems to be every bit as impressive as the single player footage DICE revealed at E3; thankfully since most fans can agree that the franchise’s focus centers on competitive multiplayer. Sure, a single player component adds value; however Battlefield rises over other shooters due to its polished online experience.

Beta registration emails have also begun; expect the beta sometime in September.

Battlefield 3 owns my heart and is easily my most anticipated title of 2011. As a long devotee of the series, a proper return to the PC more than makes up for Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s lackluster console port.

Battlefield 3 is currently scheduled for release on October 25th, 2011.