Battlefield 3 Will Have a Social Network Too

This year, Battlefield and Call of Duty will once again go head-to-head on the sales charts. But, it looks like Battlefield is pulling out all the stops to top its eternal rival. While Modern Warfare 3 will have optional premium services with its Call of Duty: Elite service, Battlefield 3 has announced on their Battleblog that they will have Battlelog to compete and it will be completely free.

Everything about a social network will be on Battlelog. Players can share content like awards, statistics like kill/death ratio, and a Battlefeed to see what all your friends are up to. You’ll see activity like your friends getting new attachments, how many headshots your sniper friend has gotten, and even real-time activity of what gametypes they’re playing. You may even find that guy who stabbed you in the back in that last game!

But it’ll be more than just Facebook with guns though. Not only will Battlelog track your games, you can message friends whether they’re online or off to join you in case you think your team is made of fodder. Even if they’re offline, they’ll receive alerts through their PC or mobile device! So next time you see three teammates who go negative, use Battlelog to send a desperate message to your more competent friends!

I say, use the service with your friends to organize a lobby of all engineers. All rocket launchers, all day, every day.