Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Officially Coming in Two Weeks

Drew Miller, lead designer for the trilogy-making Resistance 3, has told Joystiq that the multiplayer beta for the title is “just around the corner” for the general gaming population. The game is currently undergoing a friends and family beta phase, certainly of a smaller scale, and he promised to kick off the public deathmatches sometime in August.

Not happy with that response, IGN reported from a Comic Con panel that confirmed the WWII alien blasting will recommence the first week in August. Two modes, deathmatch and Chain Reaction, will be featured. Only one map is known so far, called Seaside. Also, there still don’t seem to be any other possibilities of accessing the early first-person blasting unless you picked up a copy of SOCOM 4. Each copy contains a voucher. Some people are reporting they’re already in the door and killing alien scum as this is being written. Certainly couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

You can already check out some video of the action online for a brief preview. That should satiate some of the hunger.