Double Dragon II Arcade Remade for Xbox Live

From the “completely missing the point” department, Korean developer Barunson Interactive is taking a stab at revitalizing the Double Dragon franchise. Sadly, they’re making some glaring mistakes in the process, and we’re only discussing the premiere trailer.

First and foremost, the arcade version was a dud. It was a shameless attempt to capitalize on the original, reusing sprites and carbon copied gameplay mechanics. Level design was bland, and it carried none of the charm of the NES port which freshened up everything. It’s sort of like porting the arcade version of Tecmo Bowl instead of the NES editions. No one remembers the game from the arcade.

Secondly, Double Dragon: Wander of the Dragons (which is the actual title) is moving at an aggressive, bold pace. It doesn’t fit, the Double Dragon beat-em-ups always very deliberate and appreciative of the combat system. Any speed was used purely for the sake of intensity and exaggerated impact.

Thirdly, the music, now jazzed up with some techno and rockin’ beats, disembowels the moody, atmospheric and subtle background tunage of old. It’s out of place, maybe more fitting for this blazing speed setting Wander is set on for the trailer, yet like everything out, wildly inappropriate for this franchise.

Wander of the Dragons (ugh) is due in September and is already set at a $15 price point.