Nintendo Drops 3DS Price $80 on August 12th, Free Games for Early Adopters

Nintendo makes history on August 12th, dropping the price of the portable 3DS hardware from $250 to $169.99. The $80 drop is one of the largest single dips in the history of the industry, and also one of the quickest. The 3DS released on March 27th of this year.

Those who purchase a unit prior to August 11th and log into the 3DS eShop will be granted access to 20 free games. Nintendo is offering 10 NES titles (of their choosing) and 10 Game Boy Advance titles (also of their choosing). Starting September 1st, early adopters will be part of the Nintendo Ambassadors program. Players who download the Game Boy Advance games, with titles like Mario Kart Super Circuit and Metroid Fusion, can take solace in knowing they’re exclusive. Nintendo has no plans to make those titles available in the future on the eShop.

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