Nexon's Dragon's Nest enters Open Beta

A Sorceress working her magic in Dragon's Nest. (Nexon)

Dragon’s Nest, the cartoony console-style action MMORPG from Eyedentity Games and Nexon, has recently entered its open beta period. From July 26 through August 9, 2011, players can play Dragon’s Nest and try their hand at the game’s unique action combat, establish their own guilds, craft gear, or fool around with the cash shop. Dragon’s Nest is also offering several events and perks for the duration of the beta period. Read on to learn more.

Nexon and Dragon’s Nest made an appearance at E3 2011 last month. In addition to the instanced dungeon available to attendees, press and media were also given a unique PvP-only demo, showcasing the game’s surprisingly balanced playable classes. The gameplay is reminiscent of Nexon’s own Vindictus, crossed with Bluehole Studio’s TERA. Players combine attacks and hot-keyed skills to deal damage in a non-targeting combat system, much like you do in TERA. Unlike TERA, however, your attacks have an immediate and powerful effect on enemies, like in Vindictus (or in any console action game). Players have a great deal of control over their enemies, which makes combat extremely satisfying.

There are four classes (gender-locked, sadly) in Dragon’s Nest, each with unique combat roles and play styles. The melee-oriented Warriors control like any console-style action hero, fighting with direct physical attacks and combos. The Sorceress class, on the other hand, fights with mid-ranged magic bolts and area-of-effect spells, and plays more like a first-person shooter. However, all classes have viable short and long-ranged attacks, making them effective (and dangerous) from any distance. Even the “healing” class (the Cleric) can hold their own in combat with powerful light and lightning-based magics and physical skills.

An Archer in combat in Dragon's Nest. (Nexon)

With the open beta now live, players can also opt to specialize their character, improving a specific aspect of that class’ play-style. Warriors, for example, can become either swordsmen or mercenaries, the former specializing in extended combos and movement speed, while the latter focuses on defense and slow-but-powerful melee strikes and skills. All classes benefit from this added layer of customization at level 15.

Open beta also introduces several in-game events for players, which increase the amount of experience they can earn, or allows them to earn bonus in-game currency. The “Open Beta Legion” events are group-focused: “Comrades-in-Arms” rewards players who form groups and clear dungeons together. All party members receive a 10% experience bonus. The “Sacred Alliance” event is a random lot that rewards ten lucky guilds, who have submitted their guild name on the Dragon’s Nest Forum, with powerful items for all guild members. The “Dragon’s Hoard” event rewards players who log in every day from July 26 to August 1, 2011, with 1,000 Scales (in-game currency) per day.

Achievements, crafting, and many other events and bonuses round-out the open beta announcement, making Dragon’s Nest a game well-worth checking out. Visit the official Dragon’s Nest website, sign up for a Nexon account if you haven’t already, and download the client. Be sure to check back with MultiplayerGames soon for a review of the Dragon’s Nest Open Beta.


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