Something’s Familiar About Duke Nukem Forever’s First DLC Pack

Hail to the Icons, Gearbox’s first DLC pack for Duke Nukem Forever, is due out this fall. It’ll be a hodgepodge of new modes, new weapons, and new maps inspired by other popular franchises like Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and even Doom. Or maybe Duke’s just making fun of them.

The first map Dukes will get to battle it out online is Call of Duke, a war ravaged, desert city that Call of Duty 4 players will probably recognize as Crash. Duke also takes on Team Fortress 2‘s take on 2Fort with the map 2Forts1Bridge and even Doom isn’t safe with a retro, throwback map called Inferno. And to pick on every sandbox game ever made, you can even duke it out (HA!) in a giant children’s sandbox appropriately called Sandbox. Of course, you’ll be packing new heat in the form of the new Sticky Bomb and something called the N00b T00b, which I hope is every bit as overpowered as the original namesake.

The new modes include Hot Potato, where everyone sees who can hold onto the babe the longest; Hail to the King, a good old fashioned free-for-all; and Freeze Tag, a team game where you score points by freezing your enemies and breaking them into a thousand pieces; just like real life!

The pack will be free to everyone who signed up for the First Access Club, but anyone living near the Novato, California region is invited to try the new content on August 4th. Check 2k Games’ site for details.