Brink ‘Agents of Change’ DLC Free for Two Weeks; Out Aug. 3rd

Splash Damage promised DLC for their first-person shooter Brink at the end of July, and hey, they almost made it. The Agents of Change map pack will hit August 3rd on all platforms, and will be free for two weeks. If you miss out on that deal, well, you miss out. You’ll have to save up 800 MS Points or $10 real dollars past that period. Agents of Change will bring with it a new slate of achievements/trophies, weapons, armors, and two maps.

While $10 may seem like quite a bit for a handful of maps, the additional weapons and player abilities have a way of not only freshening up the game, but adding different strategies as well. Splash Damage is also instituting a number of tweaks and fixes that will go live right now, so there will be plenty of new stuff to dive into come the first week of August.

Despite a rather cold reception critically, Brink seems to have found an audience, and hopefully this goodie package will keep building a larger one.