Infinity Ward Removing Commando Perk from Modern Warfare 3

Commando served a dual purpose in Modern Warfare 2. The perk allowed soldiers to take a wicked drop and survive, avoiding a sick thud when they landed (once leveled up), plus it allowed for increased melee range. The combination meant players could drop from a ledge, and even if they were late, still get the sneaky kill thanks to the range. That, and players could camp to their hearts content and get the jump on unsuspecting players with the advantage.

That’s all going to change in Modern Warfare 3, the popular Commando perk being removed in the interest of balancing issues. Since the melee range was the source of the multiplayer imbalance, there’s a chance the drop bonus could be assigned as an upgrade to a different perk.

Now, if only they could do something about those $15 map packs, endless offers for10th prestige lobbies, dual shotgun stupidity, and spawn slaughters, Modern Warfare could be worth playing again.