Gears of War 3’s New Horde Mode Piles on Bosses, Turrets, and Ice T

The first piece of news is that Ice T’s metal band, Body Count, reunited to cut a song for Gears of War 3‘s new Horde mode. The more important news is that a new trailer showing off a load of new details on Horde 2.0 has been released.

Also, Body Count’s new song “The Gears of War,” plays behind all the frantic action. How exciting, right?

The trailer shows off tons of new additions that add to GoW’s classic Horde mode, which is pretty much the mode every shooter has copied since Gears of War 2 first introduced it.

Horde 2.0 sees five players working together to not only fend off waves after wave of Locust Hordes, but also intense boss encounters after every 10 waves (Reavers, Beserkers, Brumaks), and cash you can earn during waves to fortify your defenses with things like gun turrets, laser barriers, and barbed wire.

Honestly, it looks like Horde 2.0 really earns that number as the original Horde mode is finally getting the same refinements you might’ve seen in games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s Onslaught and Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ Nazi Zombies (ed note: Don’t forget Halo Reach’s Firefight!)

Both the soundtrack and the game are set for release on September 20th.