Steam Quakecon Pack Dips to 86% Off

Steam’s glorious digital game sales keep on truckin’ (is that still a thing?) with the advent of the Quakecon Pack 2011. Included is everything from id Software and Bethesda, from Commander Keen to Brink. In total, there are 35 pieces of content, individually tallying $494, all marked down to a staggering $69.99.

Highlights include the above mentioned modern and classic releases, but expands into Fallout 3 territory, all of its expansions (including New Vegas), Quake in all of its iterations, Doom in all of its iterations, Wolfenstein, Rogue Warrior, Hunted, Hexen, and Call of Cthulu.

Brink alone, still falling under the new release category, is about $35 on its own, meaning everything else comes out to a pittance. Plus, if you’re on the fence, Brink is free to play over the weekend.