Sony Announces Downloadable “Play” Promo

Sony is taking a promotional note from the realm of Microsoft, introducing their own downloadable selections of titles with a deal for those who buy all of them. Think “Summer of Arcade” with a far less jazzy name, “PSN Play.”

What else would you do with the games?

Anyway, unlike the Summer of Arcade, none of these are exclusives, and apparently Street Fighter III will be the only one Sony will see first. The other three titles are The Baconing (the latest in the Deathspank line), Bloodrayne Betrayal, and Renegade Ops. Purchase all four of those during the promo period and you’ll also acquire PayDay: The Heist for free, a $20 shooter.

In addition, if you want to dabble in the totally unnecessary, you can pre-order each game (?) and you’ll score a free theme. Purchase them on the day of their release, and you’ll score some items for Home, some additional content, and more. All in all, it’s not a bad promo, just seemingly tossed together and not quite carrying the prestige of Microsoft’s annual event. Maybe next year?