A Sluggish Xbox 360: A Tale of Microsoft Support and Recovery

It’s not often you can rally for Microsoft Tech Support. Through their 360 years, I’ve had to call for everything from the RROD to some hard drive problems down to disc grinding. Each time, there was some quirk, some language barrier, *insert other issue here* that made the experience dreadful.

Lately though, my 360 was running slow, like around three minutes to boot up, four to five to pull up my game library, about three to enter the marketplace, the Avatar Marketplace was inaccessible, and downloads would freeze the system until it was done. It even began affecting game performance, Trenched rendered almost unplayable due to skipping as it struggled to keep up.

I know these times because we ran through it over the phone when I called. I ended up with Xbox Live support after being transferred, not hardware for some reason, and yet Michael stuck with me despite being in the wrong department. It was a two hour odyssey, running through just about everything from the basics (HDD secured) to the potentially drastic (format?). He checked with others while I was on hold, we chatted gaming from the NES to the PS3 while waiting for stuff to load, and all around made it a ridiculously fun experience for such an extravagantly long call. I couldn’t be happier, and kudos to support.

However, I’m not just posting to praise the support despite Michael being deserving of it. See, I fought with this issues for a few months before I called, periodically Googling the issue and coming up blank with all of the solutions. I have a lot stuff on my HDD; it comes with the territory, so I understand some sluggishness. What I was experiencing was something else all together. There are others out there I’m sure with the same problem, and maybe their call wasn’t as successful.

How do you fix a slow loading, sluggishly performing Xbox 360? Recover your Gamertag.

Time comparisons? Less than 30 seconds to boot, one minute to pull up the game library, Marketplace is about 25 seconds, Avatar stuff is working fine, and Trenched? Yeah, it runs like a dream.

You might not even think about it, such a simple task, but if you’ve never done it and are experiencing issues, do a quick HDD cache clear and recover. How long it takes will depend on how much stuff you have. Mine ran for about an hour, and yes, that’s one of the reasons the call took so long. Those with fewer items to deal with will find the process expedient.

Hope it helped and saved you two hours on the phone, even if it could have been a fun call.