Nyko’s Kinect Zoom Stuck with a Month Delay

Those with small-ish living rooms, game rooms, media rooms, or (insert type of room here) rooms were apparently looking forward to Nyko’s Zoom attachment. The $20 piece situates itself on the Kinect’s lenses, allowing for tighter play spaces to get in on the fruit-punching finesse.

However, due to “overwhelming demand,” Nyko has chosen to push the release date back. The time will be spent making more of these lens cappers to satiate the hunger for these suckers and ensure a proper supply chain. Originally scheduled to release on August 13th, the Zoom will now see a release exactly one month later on September 13th. That’s even more appropriate as it’s a traditional Tuesday as opposed to a somewhat oddball Saturday.

What’s more surprising is that Microsoft didn’t catch onto this problem from the start. If the demand is such, they’re losing out on a secondary market for their fancy camera.