Resistance 3 Dropped from Sony 3DTV Bundle; Motorstorm Apocalypse In

Sony’s E3-announced, officially branded PlaysStation 24-inch 3DTV was supposed to come with Resistance 3 to show off its multi-dimensional prowess. That, and one pair of 3D glasses along with an HDMI cable. The latter items are still included; Resistance is not. Sony has made the odd decision to pull the Inosmniac shooter, surely one of the better parts of the deal since it would have launched just prior to the TV itself (maybe), replacing it with Motorstorm Apocalypse.

It’s still a worthy title to show off the wonder of 3D and the split-screen within in a single screen effect that is truly the pinnacle of local multiplayer tech. Still, one would suspect something new and fresh would be a better showcase.

Retailers have responded on their own though, Amazon and Gamestop sweetening the deal with, well, Resistance 3.  That means you’ll get two titles now, certainly adding a bit of boost in the value department, and making that rather small 1080p set not quite the downer it once was. Regardless of your shooter oriented urges, the set will still carry a retail price of $500 when it hits retailers later this fall.