Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Has Plans For Co-op DLC

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has met critical acclaim since it released for the Xbox 360’s Summer of Arcade. But despite being relatively new to the Xbox Live Arcade, there are already plans of DLC for this incredibly distinct looking game.

The people behind ITSP, Fuelcell games, was recently interviewed  by Eurogamer, and CEO Joe Olson let slip that new DLC to expand the game’s co-op is indeed in its embryonic stages, though he couldn’t discuss any details asides from announcing the existence of the DLC.

Olson commented how they’re pleased by how their co-op mode, Lantern Run, turned out and that they’re interested in bringing something like the main campaign experience into a co-op mode.

Lantern Run is a mode that sees 1-4 players race down a narrow corridor, dragging along a lantern while a giant, monstrous worm bears down on them. Reactions to Lantern Run from critics have been mixed but a full on adventure mode type of co-op would obviously be an incredible complement to ITSP’s Metroidvania-style single player campaign.

While many review outlets criticized the length of the game versus its $15 price tag, additional content just may make this package worth it depending on the price of the DLC. Even if the price tag is slightly high, it may make the jump into ITSP’s world all the more worthwhile.

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