Week in Arcade: Fruit Ninja

Only one more Summer of Arcade title after this, the first Kinect-only Live Arcade title.

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Despite apprehension, this mobile-to-Kinect transition is actually spectacular. You’ll have to contend with some unwanted chops, the game recognizing even subtle movements as slashing strikes to the fruit, but it’s far more accurate than you would think. The silhouetted image is enough to gain your bearings and chop to your hearts content. You’ll slash your way through three modes in what truly is the most responsive Kinect-enabled title to date. It’s pricey (and dicey!) at $10 considering the ad-supported free and $1 paid mobile editions, but you’re getting a scaled experience with fresh tech (and Microsoft licensing fees). Since there’s not much else to do with that stupid camera, might as well grab this.