Biggest EVE Online Scam Yet Duped Over 8,000 Players

Any regular scam on any other MMO will have the scammer trying to lift in-game money or rare items off unsuspecting victims. But scams on EVE Online are interesting because the in-game currency, ISK, can also be used to buy game time, like buying a subscription.

Which is why the biggest recorded scam yet on EVE Online is truly staggering. At the end of the day, Eddie Lampert and Mordor Exuel used a simple Ponzi scheme of massively, multiplayer online proportions to rake in 1 trillion ISK which clocks out to beĀ  $51,677.50. Or, if you don’t care about how all these space-dollars convert, it’s enough to buy 160 years of game time for the both of them. So surely this means they have some spare change for actual in-game items.

The scheme went as far as it did when even skeptical space-goers were convinced by real testimonials from friends and family to invest in the duo’s Phaser Inc. investment scheme. And probably the best part of the whole thing (or the worst) is that they got off scot-free. Like a true, untamed space west, they will face no consequences from the game’s moderating bodies. Just good old fashioned vigilante justice should they run into one of their victims. Heck, Phaser Inc’s website even comes right out and says, “The ISK is gone; you will not see it again.”

Take that, Bernie Madoff!

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Samantha Maziarz Christmann