Pre-Order Digital Battlefield 3 on Origin, Score Free Game

EA continues to push their Origin service, a certain competitor to juggernaut Steam, and they’re doing so around the impending release of Battlefield 3. If you take it upon yourself to pre-order a digital copy (a concept still utterly bewildering) of the military shooter on Origin, EA will provide a digital free PC game.

Of course, you’re leery. What are the free game choices? Maybe it’s the 16-bit emulated goodness of B.O.B.? Maybe the PC version Madden ’94? No, the selections are actually impressive and worthy. Sci-fi/horror shooter Dead Space 2 is in the cards, Mass Effect 2 (perfect timing with Mass Effect 3 around the corner), and then the dud, Medal of Honor. They can’t all be winners.

The offer will expire at the end of August, so if you have your sights set (get it? Yeah, it wasn’t that funny) on Battlefield action (and you’re sure you want to show your undying devotion to a game you’ve never played), this looks to the way to go.