Xbox 360 Units Moving to Matte Finish

The Xbox 360 Slim launched with two models, a 4GB matte finish affair, and a glossy, fancy 250GB edition. Those with the shiny edition got screwed.

Maybe that’s harsh, but the fingerprint-sucking, dust-loving, OCD hating, reflection shooting unit just doesn’t get it done if you care whatsoever about maintaining equipment. That, and Microsoft didn’t see fit to include a definitive “off” button, meaning when you’re cleaning, you actually have to unplug the unit to avoid turning it on or ejecting and disc. And yes, you have to clean the thing… a lot.

So, Microsoft is dropping the whole thing entirely. Maybe it saves them money by not having to ship the units off to the world’s most prolific gloss factory; it doesn’t matter. From here on out, they’re all going matte, the only exceptions being special editions. In other words, if you actually enjoy the gloss, or your other glossy components need to be matched to a gloss finish (and you’re OCD), you’ll need to buy now or buy used down the road.