Portal 2’s Promised DLC Still Coming In September

While it seems Valve will once again fall victim to another example of their fan’s in-joke, Valve Time, Portal 2‘s DLC will technically be on time on September (if it really releases in September anyways).

If Valve Time is to be believed, summer may very well mean winter of next year. But so long as Doug Lombardi is absolutely sure nothing will derail the DLC from its mid-September release time, Valve will be able to cross its arms in a smug manner and say, “We told you so!”

When Portal 2 first released, Valve promised a free DLC pack of new co-op maps, challenge maps, and leaderboard support sometime in summer. While it was a great game, Portal 2 is no longer such a hot topic but it still would be if that DLC dropped sooner. But getting something is probably better than getting nothing at all, like promises of Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

So everyone, let’s just count the days until September 22. If the DLC comes after September 22, everything is alright. If it comes before that, I will be somewhat worried that the natural order has been disturbed.

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